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If like me you LOVE a leading lady in your Netflix series who overcomes struggle to success and does it oh so stylishly along the way, then you will love my Style Transformation watch list BELOW.....

Female empowerment and Fashion coming at your screens!


From plain Jane Orphan to “I am the Queen of Chess”. Beth Harmone’s journey is an inspiring one as she battles with addiction whilst rising to the top of the chess world among Men. I love how she discovers Fashion and seeing her style evolve with her character. Get ready for some 60s chic, Retro Glam and MOD style inspo. Oh and urges to play chess.



From a tired and scorned politician’s wife to “I am the Queen of the Court room”. Get ready for some serious Lawyer power dressing from Alicia Florick and her Co stars. I loved seeing her Style evolve with her confidence, success and self worth as she claws back herself through divorce, regaining her independence and a career In Law again after years of being a Mum and ‘The Good Wife’. Warning ⚠️ you may want to quit your job, join law school and fill your wardrobe with suits after watching this.



From quirky Fashionista American girl finding her feet in a new life in Paris to Chic and Sophisticated young Woman who falls in love and takes Paris by the horns (and Instagram). I love seeing Emily’s Style evolve with her character as she finds her feet in Paris, her career, in Love and in herself. Cheesy and lighthearted with lots of quirky chic Fashion but oh so addictive. WARNING! You may book flights to Pareeee after watching.



Move over Harvey Specter, this is “The Donna” show. From soft and feminine secretary to Sleek, sharp and Powerful lady sitting firmly at the top of the law firm table. I love how her style evolves as she realises her worth and chooses herself. In the later series I particularly love seeing her look transition from patterned dresses and bouncy hair in Series 1 to sleek hair, block colour, strong asymmetric necklines, sharp structure and waist cinching tailored dresses in the last series. This show is lawyer power dressing heaven with her Co stars. This is a show the Men in your life will love too.



From young Princess to literally ‘I AM QUEEN’! Yes, it’s Lidabet our actual Queen of England. I am OBSESSED with this show and the costume, outfits and style is to die for. I particularly loved watching Claire Foy’s character in Series 1-2 evolve as she is thrust onto the thrown feeling unprepared and unworthy of her title. Although she has a team of people around her trying to tell her what to do, what to say and what to wear, over time she comes into her own, more confident and owns her Crown Jewels as you can see above. This is a show steeped in British history, scandal and nostalgia as it takes you back in time. Princess Margaret is also another leading lady’s style you will love along with Lady Diana in later series. Binge Worthy!



Step aside Don Draper! Peggy Olson’s Style Journey in Mad Men is remarkable, as is her actual career journey and Character. From plain Jane Secretary to Creative Queen with a corner office, this lady shows us how it’s done as she makes her way up the Advertising Agency. Peggy not only shows the Men how it is done but also shows the ladies in the office that there is more than one place for them in the office, than behind a typewriter as a Secretary. The entire costume and cast set in the 1960’s is ‘OMG’, a show both Men and Women will LOVE. I love Jone’s style most in this series but Peggy’s is the most transformative.



From feminine and floral to bold, sleek and I mean business! Criminal Defence Lawyer Annalise Keeting in ‘How to get away with Murder’ is an absolute Style Queen in the court room. She is a lady with presence, power and style from the first episode but as you can see from the pic above, her style grows with her character. A lady who battles with grief, Men, Murder and addiction but always comes up smelling and looking like roses. A must watch if you love suspense, twist and turns with a dose of power dressing.



Teresa Mendosa transforms from a lady left with nothing on the run from a Drug Cartel who killed her Fiancé to the literal Queen of the South Drug lord avenging those who did her wrong. And does it in style! This is a bad ass Latino lovely to watch if you like a bit of action and violence in your series too. This is a series the Guys will enjoy too. P.S. Is there anything more Chic than a white blazer, sleek bun and shades?



All hail Claire Underwood, the absolute Screen Queen of Power Dressing! This is an Ice Queen who clearly has style from episode 1. However, as you can see Claire’s Style evolves from a softer classic in Pic 1 as a Policticans Wife, to First Lady, to (Pic 2) MOVE OVER I’m the first freekin President of the USA. As her Character hardens and becomes more powerful, we see her style become sharper, sleek and bold. Emulating absolute precise, power and execution in her decisions and style as President. A must watch thriller series for Power dressing and politics.


Which Style Queen will be gracing your Screen after reading this then lovelies?

Helenlee x

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