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WFH Capsule Essentials

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

As part of my Wardrobe Wednesday WFH IGTV series I promised to start sharing my go to pieces to start creating a WFH capsule, here are the first 6 of my recommended investments and where to start shopping for some elevated chic working from home casual wear. Tap on the images below to shop the brands.....



YESSS, a smart/luxe Jogger is absolutely the top of your WFH Capsule essential list. This will ensure you are comfortable all day but will still look and feel ELEVATED. Not to mention you will be wearing them way beyond lockdown for every occasion you possibly can. Imagine these are going to take a worthy place in your wardrobe along side your ‘actual’ trousers and be dressed up or down with knitwear, shirts, comtempary blouse, Tee’s and blazers.

The fit is important when ivesting in a smart jogger, they are’nt for just for lounging in front of Netflix in so make sure they aren’t too baggy. They need to fit neat and well to look more polished.

Invest well in and not in a ‘sports’ brand joggers for your elevated WFH Wardrobe. Joggers from brands such as ME&EM and BAUKJEN are my personal go to and I’m all about that side stripe to give it a polished finish.

The options for elevated joggers and luxe wide leg track trousers come in a great range of colours from both brands below.

Here are a few styles I love below from ME&EM.....

And a few more from Baukjen.....



This could be a good quality white tee or long sleeve jersey top. Invest well and get the fit right (try a size down as well as your regular size), invest in a neutral for one and colour for the other. I personally have a nice white tee, slogan tee and lovely bright green cotton 3/4 sleeve top in my capsule. They are easy to pair with smart joggers, jeans and dress down your tailored trousers.

You don’t need many of these but will if you invest cheap, you’ll find yourself buying to replace every few months. I’ve been wearing and washing my Baukjen wear since last March and only replaced my slogan Tee recently due to a stain.

Remeber to wear a T-shirt bra with these for the best look/fit if you have a fuller bust. French tuck or fully tuck in your tops for a tidy stylish look and pair under your blazers or a lovely cashmere wrap cardigan.

I personally love Cotton and Jersey basics from Baukjen, ME&EM and REISS.



A shirt is not only a capsule essential but is especially essential in a workwear wardrobe. The key to investing in a shirt that works in and outside of work, not to mention at home too is all about the style and material. Get this investment right and you can pair with your smart joggers, jeans, layer knit wear under or cardigans over and not only feel super comfortable but look tres chic.

I am a huge fan of ME&EM shirt right now, this is on my ’To buy’ list next and was actually featured on ‘inthefrow‘ last week which pretty much cemented my investment choice after seeing how good it looked on her.

The material has movement and isn’t too stiff or sharp therefore allows for a more comfortable dressed up down look but could equally look amazing under your power suit.

A Nude bra is essential and don’t be afraid to experiment, remember to french tuck Into the front or all the way into your high waisted items.



A roll neck, crew or V would work however roll necks are more versatile for layering in winter months. This is all about a smooth and chic fit investing in a soft knit with stretch in the material for a comfy figure hugging fit or effortless drape if you prefer. A neutral colour can be layered under dresses, blazers and more.

Opt for a high percentage of wool or cashmere with stretch. An investment knit will takes you far, keep you cosy and look elevated with anything if you invest well and choose the right Fit.



This could be a shirt dress, blouse dress, ribbed, jersey, knit dress or even a jumpsuit. The right day dress can be elevated up or down but your very obvious corporate office dresses are far harder to dress down. As I mentioned in my last 2 WW videos, the right day dress can be worn with tights, a waist belt and layered. The dress needs flow in the material or stretch to make it work for your WFH wardrobe, comfortable and elevated.

Here are a few I love below......



You all know a blazer is my all time favourite wardrobe piece and it makes smart casual so easy and effortless. The right blazer can be dressed up or down with jeans on a weekend to smart joggers in the home office on a Monday. The trick is to get a blazer that doesn’t obviously look like it’s part of a business suit. OR if it is, can the style be dressed down. A single or double breasted can work. FIT is the most important element of a blazer, even over quality. One of my favourite blazers is from H&M but the style and fit is just right. I also love my blazers from Reiss and Boden.

Your blazer needs to have a little stretch to accommodate the home comfort of sitting with your arms out at a laptop all day and will look best on zoom in a print, accent colour or lighter neutral over black (unless you wear a nice colour or pattern top underneath). My favourite blazer is black but I wear my colourful one’s on zoom more.

Here are a few I love.......


Look out for more coming next to complete your Top 10 essentials....

AND if you would love to continue capsule shopping with me but customised to your personal Style Code then you can click here to join the PRE LAUNCH LIST!

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