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Style Code Services

Learning my style code has been THE BEST thing I’ve ever done. It’s amazing how a change of clothes can change your confidence.

Sarah Jayne Adams, 27

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Start your Style Code journey today...

Stuck in a style rut? Feeling a little lost in your identity when it comes to your wardrobe? It’s cluttered, you hate shopping these days, panic buying is becoming more regular and your confidence is starting to run at an all time low.

You know exactly what you want your future style to look like but you just can’t quite figure out how to get there. 

You are sick of following trends or buying whatever your fave blogger looks amazing in this week, when it arrives it’s another online purchase that’s disappointing. How does it look nothing like it did on her, on me?  Another online return to make or item hanging in the wardrobe with tags on.

At the end of your tether, you are finally ready to find out everything there is to know about YOU when it comes to clothes.


Find YOUR classic style, look and feel good in everything you wear. Know exactly what to invest in and where from. How to dress, put outfits together and just always feel ‘right’ in what you wear. Get your confidence back. Love shopping again and start building your forever capsule wardrobe. 

The Style Code Discovery package is £895 in person, £695 online and includes...

Style Identity


Step 1:


Get out of your style rut and feel confident again by unlocking your Style Code. Discover your personal style identity to suit your personality and lifestyle through professional analysis and coaching. 

Colour Code


Step 2:


Unlock your personal Colour Code via analysis to learn the colours you suit best and how to wear them. All areas of your colour code will be covered from materials, patterns, jewellery, hair and makeup

Body Code


Step 3:


Reveal your true Body Code to have the confidence and knowledge to dress and shop for the shapes that flatter you most. Learn your real clothes size, bra review, materials, patterns, accessories, shoes, handbags, necklines and all the clothes that make up your perfect capsule wardrobe.

Follow-up Service


Step 4:


After our session you will receive your personal Style Code profile information to save in your phone and refer to when shopping, detoxing your wardrobe or putting outfits together.


Style Code discovery on-line process:

  • A Style Code Profile investment is £695.

  • Professional pre-analysis process and instructions are used to collect all necessary info via pictures, questionnaires, measurements, Pinterest boards and video to discover your personal style identity, colour code and body code.

  • 3 x 1 hour Style Code Zoom coaching with Helenlee to understand each element of your code and how to use it.

  • Receive your Style Code info to keep, refer to and use.

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