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The Style Code Story

Hi, I’m Helenlee Wilkinson, a Style Coach and Mother to be living in the North East of England.

My journey to creating Style Code started with my own personal struggle and style journey…

8  years ago my life looked very different, I looked and felt like a different person. I was lost and stuck in a complete style and identity crisis, working in another career as a personal trainer, caught in a cycle of undealt-with grief that was defining me to become someone I didn’t want to be. I was using my love for clothes and fashion as a way to fill an empty hole, shopping and unnecessarily spending for a quick emotional fix.

My wardrobe was ultimately a reflection of my state of mind and loss of identity.


Then a light bulb moment came for me one day when I paid for a colour analysis, subconsciously I was searching to know more about myself. Much to my disbelief I’d been doing it all wrong and trying to look and be someone I was not.

Following on that journey of self-discovery, I decided to work on myself internally. After 18 months of monthly counselling, I came began a process of what can only be described as Metamorphosis.
During that time my creative mind reopened and flourished more every month after being locked away for almost 15 years after losing my Mum to terminal cancer at 12 years old. As my creativity returned, my interest grew and grew in fashion, style and using my own style to express the new and REAL me. I healed my mind but also built a more balanced relationship with spending, clothes and building a minimal wardrobe that represented the real me.

I began style blogging as ‘helenleeloves’ to express it while I was training and learning everything there was to know about my personal style, makeup, hair and building a capsule wardrobe. Spending my weekends working at Karen Millen while running a gym with my fiancé until I eventually transitioned into what was not only a new me but what would become a new career too.


Through my Instagram I started to become known for being the GREEN QUEEN due to my love for my best Style Code colour ‘emerald green’.

Little did I know this colour would later become a pillar in what was to be my business and brand. Surrounding myself in a colour that not only made my eyes look WOW but a colour of positivity, healing, creativity and nature.

A representation of my journey and passion to influence a healthier and more conscious relationship with clothes today.

During this time of learning and discovery I felt Personal Styling was being taught in a one track ‘dated’ way, inspiration out there was mainly for older women and the high street made it almost impossible to shop for anything other than trends.

So I decided to create a simpler solution to help women out there embarking on the same journey I did. Bringing all the necessary elements together in today’s modern world, why shouldn’t normal women know what to wear? Styling isn’t just for celebs and I wanted to make it more inspiring and accessible in our modern world of on-line shopping. And so STYLE CODE was born.

Using my 10 years' experience of coaching women to improve their body confidence as a personal trainer paired with my now styling, hair, makeup and mindfulness experience.

I brought it all together to create a Style Coaching experience and now it’s here online for you to experience too.

I have been doing this full time now for the last 8 years and feel so grateful to have the opportunity to help other women embark on their personal Style Code journey. All women I meet, like I was, are going through some kind of change or evolving as a person and it’s my pleasure to help them create a wardrobe to match that change. This can be as dramatic as my change was, motherhood, change of career, divorce or the turn of a new decade age.

As you can tell from my pretty honest story above, I believe in being open, genuine and whole heartedly who you are. I carry this into everything I do and you will only find real transparent advice, services and women here.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story and getting to know more about me.

I hope this story inspires you in a positive way today, please explore my site, follow my social channels and feel free to contact me regarding any questions about starting your personal Style Code Journey today.

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