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WFH Wardrobe Wednesday: Lazy Morning Makeup look

Hey Lovelies, As promised this Wardribe Wednesday episode was all dedicated to a quick, easy and natura makeup look you can achieve in 10-20mins MAX to help you look and feel elevated whilst working from home.

You can watch the video here via my IGTV channel:

AND the products used are listed below with links............


I recommend doing your Tropic order all as one if you do purchase any products AND I highly recommend the face palette you can customise, Mine is on the way I will show you when it arrives. You can access all the Makeup products via ‘Makeup’ section via links.

Tropic Beauty Booster foundation (Shades Barely nude and Soft Caramel):

The Brush I used to put my foundation on was the ‘Real Techniques Expert face brush’:

Tropic ILLUMA Light diffusing concealer in shades (Latte and brûlée):

The brush I used to apply the concealer was ‘Zoeva face brush’, also recommend smaller concealer brush:

Tropic So Sculpted Creme contour in Shade savanah:

Tropic Brow Boss defining powder in shade Cedar:

I would use The Tropic Eco 3-in-1 eye brush to apply the brow powder with:

Use the 3-in-1 eye brush to apply it above OR try Zoeva OR opt for a pencil liner instead without a brush for same effect.

The Mascara I used was Tropic fixing gel mascara in shade black:

Creme blush I used is now discontinued but this is what I am going to order next to replace it, RMS Lip2cheek in shade Demure:

Tropic Way to glow Creme highlighter in shade sunrise:


If you LOVED this Wardrobe Wednesday Tutorial for everyday easy makeup and would like to know more about How you can access my customized capsule shopping membership that is also going to include Makeup Capsules, then I recommend you Join this free MASTERCLASS for a space to hear more:

Helenlee x

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