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Style Code approved Brands

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Shopping is a completely different task and experience once you shop for your style code with your future capsule wardrobe in mind.

Before this, it can be all about buying more for your money, buying because it was on sale, why not? Because it caught your eye (magpie eyes), or you panic bought the ’full outfit’ on the mannequin in the window display. Sound familiar?

Strapped for time and unsure what to invest in can lead to shopping at your nearest stores on the high street or even your local supermarket. Many of these brands with a lower price tag and the quality to match, depend on us continuing the cycle of buying because it was cheap and caught your eye, didn't last more than a few months so you had to go back and spend your money again. And they cycle continues, you remain frustrated, constantly thinking about what to wear, cluttered mish mash wardrobe and always feel like you have nothing to wear.

But fear not lovelies, as today’s post is going to change all of that and open your eyes to a whole new world of shopping with ‘Style Code Approved’ Brands. Shopping with intention, purpose, higher quality, less is more, sustainability and most importantly your wardrobe and style in mind.

You see, shopping for an ’outfit’ and shopping for your ‘Wardrobe’ are very different.

Shopping for an outfit is like a ‘one hit wonder’, dare I say it’s like a one night stand?! Shopping for your Wardrobe is like shopping for the ‘ONE’, marrying it’s place into your capsule family (wardrobe) and giving you so much more than one outfit but multiple possibilities.

Ok, I think you catch my drift now? Let’s get down to business and start talking Brands.

Before we start talking about where to shop, first let’s look at where to avoid and where to shop ‘less often’.


Now I am very particular about the Brands I recommend investing in most and all must tick 2-3 of the below criteria before I add them to my ‘Approved list’ and start recommending to clients and my audience.

  • Mid-High Clothing Quality.

  • Participate in Sustainability/recycling and ethical work practices.

  • Timeless wardrobe investments as well as trend led pieces.

  • Customisation of colour: Offer items in variations of shades to suit different colour codes.

  • Offer Petite, Regular, Tall clothes sizing to accommodate the correct ‘Fit’.

  • Classic, Chic and Current style.

ALL of the below brands have been tested and approved by me and clients, I could have listed over 30 for you tonight but I thought I would start with my Top 3 Brands and not overwhelm you. Here is the start of my brand directory for the brands I love and go to most when personal shopping for clients and Myself. I will be adding brands too this list every week so keep watching..........


BODEN is a firm favourite of mine and one that is often overlooked by many clients until I point them in the right direction, explain why and once they receive their order they ‘get it’. This is great quality British brand at an affordable mid range price for adding those foundation investments to your wardrobe. Boden covers all of your wardrobe essentials from knitwear, jeans, suits, dresses, shoes, bags, pjs and footwear. You can shop Boden online and in your local John lewis departments stores in the UK.

’Some’ see boden as a little ‘Mumsy’, however it is finding the right pieces and how you style them yourself. I don’t buy everything or full outfits from Boden often but what I buy never disappoints.

I LOVE Boden because it offers:

  • Petite, Regular and Tall sizing

  • Sizes 6-22

  • Variations of 3-8 beautiful colours in almost all items

  • Good quality clothing at an affordable price

  • Classic fashion in fun colours and prints

  • Responsible trading, Reduce environmental impact and support female charities

  • Regular discounts and sales (never pay full price unless you have to)

  • Monthly catalogue for inspiration (love flicking with a coffee)

  • Next day delivery and free returns

My go to investments from Boden are the Ponte Fabric suits, trousers and Blazers (remember my green suit?). They feel like PJ’s and look amazing. Jeans and jackets/coats are also a great option if you require petite or tall.

Click here to shop Boden (10% off code with GE17):


REISS is personally one of my favourites brands and in my opinion, the best on the mid to higher end of the high street today. This is a brand that knows how to make classic wardrobe investments, affordable luxury that oozes simplicity and sophistication. The material and fit are always wow. I only buy around 3-5 items per year from REISS but what I do buy goes a very long way, Is always an investment what my wardrobe needs and always become my favourite pieces.

If you are looking for a contemporary and chic, Smart casual style then REISS is your go to. Everything is ELEVATED! I love Blazers, Coats, Jeans, basic tops and accessories most from REISS.

You can shop REISS online, Fenwicks, John Lewis and in their signature stores on your City high streets. Reiss allow you to try on clothes in their fitting room stores safely and are currently offering 20% off.

I LOVE REISS because they offer:

  • Modern/Contemporary style

  • Affordable Luxury

  • Classic Wardrobe staples repeated every year

  • Tailored fit and quality

  • Stay true to their brand and don’t join in sales regularly

  • Offer quality not quantity

  • Items in colour variations

  • Next day delivery and free returns

Only Cons to REISS are sizing only goes up to 18, petite/regular/tall not available but do offer tailoring service.

Click here to shop REISS with 20% off:


BAUKJEN is slowly taking over my capsule wardrobe by almost a good 50%. This is my holy grail of shopping that ticks all the boxes other than offering Petite/Regular/Tall sizing. This Brand is the most ethical and sustainable out there with the most style at an acceptable price. Contemporary casual is absolutely achievable with their entire collections being investment staples, nothing trendy about it yet everything elevates your outfits to modern and chic. Baukjen cover clothing, activewear, some accessories, masks and ethical beauty. You can shop Baukjen online and are currently offering 15% off.

My favourite wardrobe pieces from Baukjen are Tops/Tees, Girlfriend jeans, Luxe joggers and leathers.

I LOVE Baukjen because they offer:

  • Environmental, ethical and sustainable style

  • Outstanding quality and fit

  • High quality materials all ethically sourced

  • Wardrobe investments

  • Chic and modern style

  • Elevated casual wear

  • Everything is deisgned with comfort in mind

  • Monthly catalogues for inspiration are beautiful

  • Laybuy payment instalments to build your capsule wardrobe interest free

The only con I do find with Baukjen is ‘some’ of the styles can be tricky for hourglass figures, lots of the styles seem catered to straighter shapes. There are still however ‘lots’ of styles to accommodate all. Sizes go from 6-18.


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