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Style Cities

There are 10 major Fashion Capitals in the world, Helenlee discovered through her research that 6 of these cities represented and embodied the main different types of personal style. Your Style City says EVERYTHING about the ‘vibe’ of your personal style, how you dress, your shopping habits, what your best brands are, lifestyle and potentially even your career choices. Your personal style should represent all of you and be practical to your lifestyle too, that’s why the Style City is the first and most important element of your Style Code to discover.

This is the first and only element of the style code that is ‘subjective’ and ‘expressive’ at first, as your colours and body shape are technically what you’re born with being more matter of fact.

When you become stuck in a style rut, the biggest impact of this is actually from a confused personal style. Your style city can change or evolve into another in different stages of life, if you don’t stop to work on yourself and your wardrobe, eventually you end up with an overwhelming wardrobe that contains multiple styles from over the years. Resulting in you having no idea where you fit anymore.

When you discover your Style City it will (should) immediately resonate with you and if you’ve never been you will definitely want to go. Generally speaking, people will always have wanted to visit this place OR have already been. You will love everything about the place, how the people dress, the shops and feel the spirit of your style in that special place.

Everyone has a Primary style city and sometimes and secondary. For example, you could be Laid Back LA because of your relaxed and casual style but have a secondary hint of Parisian Romance because you always choose feminine details, colours and prints.

This is the element of the Style Code which is drawn out of you by asking the right questions (Style City questionnaire).

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