Laid Back LA

The most relaxed and casual style city of them all, there is nothing formal about this place or your style. But hey that’s ok, now you no longer need to apologise for your casual style because guess what? It is a ‘Style’.

Everything about LA screams laid back, healthy lifestyle and the U.S is such a great representation for this having a super casual approach to style with Converse sneaks, Levis and Ray Ban being brands born in the U.S OF A.

Being a Laid back LA is all about owning your casual look and learning how to ‘elevate’ it effortlessly. Elevated casual is the aim of the game. Being comfortable is your top priority, dressing practical and the less faff and accessorizing the better. A true Laid back LA will always be apologising or feel the need to try and ‘accessorize’ but never works.

LA style’s can flow into simple and sporty, preppy classic, casual quirky or bohemian vibes.

The most common LA Style today is LA – LONDON which is best described as casual and classic.

STYLE: Relaxed, casual, practical and minimal.

STRUGGLES: Shopping, accessorizing, putting outfits together other than jeans and tees and finding a smart casual look.

AIM: Creating an elevated casual to smart casual look. Looking pulled together but casual.

WARDROBE: Unorganised and overwhelming OR in some cases non-existent.

INTERESTS: All things Health and fitness, outdoors, adventure, walking dog, animals, country/beach walks, country getaway or beach travel, the environment and Nature. Reading a fash mag will be a big no for you.

LIFESTYLE: Busy Mum and/or busy professional. May work in health/fitness, Leisure, outdoors, with animals, care, relaxed office environment or home office, self employed.

INVESTMENTS: Trainers, boots, Jeans, leggings, Tees and rucksack/cross body bags.

ACCESSORIES: Fitbit, scarfs, hats, gloves, sunglasses and watches.

HAIR AND MAKEUP: Minimal, fixed routine, natural, highlighted loose waves, quick and easy.

BRANDS: Hush, Mint Velvet, Levis, LuLu Lemon, Joules, Baukjen, Barbour, Hunter, Doc Martin, Anthropologie, Rayban, Fitbit, New balance, converse, Veja, Olive, Cluse, Massimo Dutti …

INSTA STYLE INSPO: Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz, @sincerelyjules

©2021 Style Code by HelenLee Whalley.

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