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Discover your body shape in 3 simple steps

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

When it comes to dressing and knowing what you suit, I believe your body shape is one of the most important things to know followed by understanding how to dress it. This is one of the 3 important pillars of my STYLE CODE and the one I see women struggling with the most.

I want you to remember 2 things when it comes to body shape…

  1. It about shape not weight or size. It’s all about balance and proportions.

  2. It really is that simple!

HOWEVER... It is not when it comes to analysing yourself. We see our bodies in the mirror everyday, we criticise and almost always will fixate on one area we are most insecure about or obsess over. 90% of women I meet categorise themselves incorrect due to focusing on one area.

I categorised myself as an Oval because I used to have a muffin top and a Pear when I put weight on my thighs. I would have never analysed myself as an Hourglass in a million years but like many women I wasn’t looking at my shape as a whole.

Once you do know your shape it is so glaringly obvious and all the pennies will start to drop.

This is why I am going to get you all started on your personal Style Code Journey with a simple guide to make the process a lot more simple. Get friends or family involved, take pictures and if last resort you are still at a loss then you can always contact me for a Style Code in person or via skype.

We are going to analyse your overall shape by using 2 measures:

  1. Tape measurements

  2. Visually analyse

TASK: Before we get started I want you to write down what you think your body shape is before following the steps in this blog. You may be bang on the money or very surprised at the results.

STEP 1: Measure

You will need assistance from another person, a tape measure, pen and notepad.

You are going to measure 3 points.

  • Measure in inches.

  • Measure all the way around your body so the tape starts at the front, wraps around and meets again back at the front.

  • Shoulders: Measure just under collar bones and just under the curve of your shoulder making a straight line with your tape.

  • Waist: This is just above your belly button and a few inches below your bra line.

  • Hips: Measure at the widest part of your hips bringing the tape all the way around over your bum and back to the front.

  • Pull the tape tight enough so it is flat to your body not too tight.

  • Repeat measurements 3 times to get a good average number in the same place.

STEP 2: Visual 

NEXT you are going to stand in front of the mirror, yes I know you may not do this often but it is a really useful task.

  • Wear black leggings and black vest.

  • Stand with your feet hip distance apart with your hair up.

  • LOOK at your overall shape from the front, sides, up and down.

  • Look for widest points, narrowest points and balanced points between shoulder, waist and hips.

  • Ask a friend/partner to take your picture in full length from front, side and back.

  • Avoid tilting the camera too high or low, keep it front on.

  • Ignore what you consider your best and worst bits and look at your ‘overall’ shape.

  • Write down 3 positives about your body shape.

Here is what you are looking to identify from your tape measure and visual results…

STEP 3: Identify

You are looking for measurements that show an obviously narrow, wide or equal points and characteristics in your shape that mimic curves, straight lines or round and full in the middle. Let’s look further into these categories and results…


  • If your hips, shoulders and waist are similar in distance you are a Rectangle.

  • If your shoulders are hips are similar in width with a waist that is up to 7-10inches smaller you are an hourglass.

  • If your hips and waist are equal with a wider shoulder measurement you could be an inverted triangle.

  • If your hips and shoulders are similar with a wider waist you could be a Rectangle or Oval.


  • If your widest measurement is your shoulders by 3 inches or more you are an Inverted Triangle.

  • If your widest measurement is your hips being 3 inches or more above your shoulders you are a Pear.

  • If your middle waist measurement is your widest point you could be an Oval.


  • If your waist is your narrowest measurement you could be a Pear, Hourglass or Rectangle.

  • If your hips are your narrowest measurement you are an inverted triangle.

Picture: @Pinterest


Curvy- Are you curvy in the thighs and hips? Do you have a bust? A curvy round bottom? An obviously defined waist?

Curvy shapes are known as the Hourglass and Pear.

Round- Are you fuller in the middle with an oval/round appearance to your shape with sloping shoulders and a flat bum? No obvious waist and great slim legs?

Round shapes are known as the Oval/Apple.

Straight- Do you have a flat shoulder line? Flat hips? Square ribcage? A straighter appearance rather than round or curvy? Are you athletic build? Are your legs to hip line straight?

Straight shapes are known as the Rectangle and Inverted Triangle.


Do your tape measurement and visual results match?

Look at your measurements, visual notes and the pictures if you took any.

Ask friends and family to get involved to give an outside eye and opinion without judgement or criticism.

Have you found a body shape category you sit in? If YES click HERE out to read further about Shapes and look out for my next blogs helping you continue this journey.

Please feel free to comment below if you have NOT found a body shape category you sit in or contact me for Style Code coaching services HERE.

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