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5 signs you need a wardrobe detox

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

A cluttered wardrobe, leaves a cluttered mind.

And for the last week I’ve been paying my wardrobe and mind some very well deserved TLC.  Being a personal stylist, I’m always helping other people’s Wardrobes but I reached that point of frustration we all do before desperately needing a “De-clutter” myself.

Until I had completed my detox, I don’t think I realised how much I needed it and how long I’d needed it for. I hear clients repeat the exact same feelings before we tackle their wardrobe’s too.

So I thought I’d share not only my results but the classic signs we all experience that lead us up to the moment we storm into the bedroom with a roll of bin liners in hand.

Here are my before pics…

And here is the big AFTER reveal…


I think a Wardrobe Detox would change so may people’s lives and be the answer to so many of their wardrobe frustrations but they just don’t realise it’s what they need yet or are too embarrassed/ashamed to face it.

There is so much more held up in our wardrobes then we realise, emotions, memories, habits and confidence. The “state” of your wardrobe will affect the outfit decisions you make every single day when reaching in there to get dressed, which ultimately affects how you feel.

Seeing an uncluttered wardrobe, organised, minimal and colour co-ordinated that actually suits you is the most satisfying feeling ever and completely takes the stress away from getting dressed on a morning.

Most importantly, it leads to better outfits and a more confident you.

But I must warn you, once you get started on the “Detoxing” of your wardrobe, the mission spreads throughout the rest of your house.

Let’s take a look…..

1. You have nothing to wear

Yet have a wardrobe jam packed full of clothes. You feel like none of it goes together or that you need something else to finish of all of your outfits like the right bra, shoes or the right top. You’re not sure what suits you in there anymore, so wouldn’t know what to keep or throw.

2. You constantly buy new clothes

And feel guilty because you know you have a wardrobe full of clothes at home but you just never feel satisfied by what’s in there or like it’s ever finished. Plus your hubby or partner is always giving you a hard time telling you how many clothes you already have when you arrive home with your shopping bags or try to hide your online orders.

You probably have lots of clothes with the tags still and have never been worn but don’t want to throw them away for that simple fact, they’re still brand new.

3. You wear what is easy and available

Your motto for getting dressed is what was washed, ironed or available that day. You probably have 2-3 outfits max that you love and just rotate between them even though you have a wardrobe jam packed full of clothes. OR you find an outfit you love, wear it to death then find another.

4. You feel overwhelmed when you open your wardrobe doors

You avoid opening the doors as much as possible and when you do you don’t look in there for very long. You shove your clothes in and shut the doors because it is cluttered, you probably can’t see the floor and nothing is folded anymore, only piles exist.

5.  You have clothes you've not worn for years

You could probably say you haven’t worn many of the items in your wardrobe for at least a few years or you still have the dress you bought with your first pay cheque, your honeymoon clothes from years ago or still have your maternity clothes even though you have no intention of having another baby.

You may also have a variation of sizes in your wardrobe from when you lost weight or put on weight over the years and are holding on to them in case you put weight on or lose it again.

Are any of the above relating to you?

I was definitely creeping into number 1, 3 and 4 before de-cluttering my wardrobe and buying a new one.

Sometimes clients are only 1 or all 5 of the above but it’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, everyone has or will experience this regularly or at some point over the years.

If you’ve identified one or more of the above is you, then set aside some time (Sundays are perfect for this) put some music on, light a smelly candle, make a cup of coffee and get cracking on with the door closed.

You just have to make some time to start.

Once you do and get into your de-cluttering mission, I guarantee you will feel amazing for it.

Once you’ve filled some bin liners get yourself to a local charity shop or host a clothes swap night with the girls.

If you throw away any workwear in good condition please consider visiting one of my chosen charities, SmartWorks who offer styling and coaching for job interviews to help women across the UK get back into employment with the right outfit.

Look out for my next post where I’ll be giving you my Top Wardrobe detox tips.

For any of you who would like further info on my Wardrobe Detox services to assist you in person or online please get in touch.

Thanks for reading lovelies and good luck.

H xxx

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