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Colour Code

Why wear the right colours?

For two simple reasons lovelies...

  1. It makes you look more awesome

  2. Helps you create a stress free capsule wardrobe


What more could you want?


Wearing the right colours for you can literally transform how you look and feel. The right colour and depth of colour can lift your skin, hair and eyes.


You’ll know when you’re wearing them as you’ll receive lots of compliments or really like the pictures of yourself wearing them.


It sounds weird but have you ever felt like your face didn’t stand out in pictures? Did your face look sallow or yellowish? Fading into the background rather than standing out?


You were probably wearing the wrong colour.


Knowing your correct colour season also makes dressing a lot simpler and stress free. Once you know your season and start dressing within it, you will notice your wardrobe starts to flow and go together so much more.

You end up with a colour capsule, one that will all mix and match.

Oh yes! #wardrobegoals


How do I analyse my colours?

When it comes to analysing your “Colours” there are 3 things us stylists look at:

  1. Your hair colour (natural or dyed)

  2. Eye colour

  3. Skin tone and depth

The contrast between your hair, eyes and skin tone will determine which season of colour you should wear most, the depth, tone and clarity of the colours too.

One thing to keep in mind with regards to your hair, when you dye your hair the opposite to your natural colouring, you change seasons/dominant colouring...

When I had a blonde phase many years ago, I became a Soft and defied my natural Clear colouring, the second pic is so much better in my opinion and I know I certainly feel better.

Seriously though, why does my skin look pink in pic 1 LOL?


When you know your correct colours you can wear every colour but within your season for best results.

Everyone can wear EVERY colour. There is no such thing as “I can’t wear RED”. You just have to choose the RIGHT red. The correct undertone and depth of the colour is what counts.


Red can be bright, deep, soft, warm, orangey or pinky. And the same goes for every other colour.


Stay with me...

With the above in mind I would analyse your hair, skin and eyes to figure out 2 things:

  1. Your dominant colours

  2. Your colour season



What is your dominant colouring?

FIRSTLY, we must recognise what is most obvious about your colouring before putting you into a season.

Your dominant colouring can be:

  • Light

  • Soft

  • Warm

  • Cool

  • Bright/Clear

  • Deep

You can figure out which of the above is you by very simply looking at what we talked about at the beginning. Which of your hair, skin and eyes are the above.

If 2 out of 3 are one of the above then this is your dominant colour.

For example, if your hair and eyes are Deep because they are both dark brown then you are a DEEP.

If your hair is very light blonde, your eyes are light blue and your skin is light and pale then your dominant colouring is light...

Between your hair, skin and eyes you will be 2 of the above which will help determine which season you are.

Make sense?

This will help you identify your dominant colours, you will fall into one of these categories below:

  1. LIGHT: Naturally blonde or white hair. Fair skin tone. Light to medium eye colour.


2. SOFT: Light to medium brown hair (or ‘mousy’ or ‘dishwater blonde’). Light to medium skin tone. Medium intensity eye colour like hazel, brown, blue or green.


3. WARM: Red hair or golden blonde or brown hair with reddish tone/highlights. Any skin tone, sometimes with freckles. Green, blue, brown or hazel eyes.


4. COOL: Silver, grey or ash brown hair. Light to medium skin tone (often with a pink undertone). Blue, green, hazel or brown eyes.


5. CLEAR: Dark medium brown to black hair. Very light or medium skin tone. Bright eye colours (green, blue or hazel) or dark brown (This one is MEEEE).


6. DEEP:  Medium to dark brown or black hair. Medium to dark skin tone. Hazel, brown or black eyes.


Do you have a good idea of your Dominant colours now?


Let’s move onto your colour season next...


What is my Colour Season?


There are 4 colour seasons...

  • Spring – Bright, fresh, warm & light.

  • Summer – Soft, delicate, cool & calm.

  • Autumn – Warm, deep, natural & earthy.

  • Winter – Bright, bold, vibrant & cool.


And the colour palettes within each season reflect exactly what you’d expect.


Spring and Autumn are the obviously WARMER colour seasons. While Spring is brighter, lighter and fresh like coral, Autumn is dusky, deep and earthy like burnt orange.

Summer & Winter are the COOLER colour seasons. Summer is a softer tone of cool colours such as delicate duck egg blue and lilac while Winter is royal blue and bright purple.


If you Identified your dominant colours here are 2 of the 4 seasons you will fall into:

  • LIGHT: Spring or Summer

  • SOFT: Autumn or Summer

  • WARM: Spring or Autumn

  • COOL: Winter or Summer

  • CLEAR: Spring or Winter

  • DEEP: Winter or Autumn


Now you should know which 2 seasons you could potentially be.

Using the tables included below AND keeping your dominant colour in mind (Light or Deep etc), scan across the 2 seasons that could be you and look for the word of your dominant colours (warm/light/clear).

Look at the hair, eyes and skin tone guidelines and see which fits best!









I hope you have figured our your dominant colour and season?

BUT don’t stress if you haven’t, the first time I tried to do this myself years ago I analysed myself completely wrong.

Now that I know my season when I look at it, it’s so obvious. (I’m a CLEAR WINTER).


When it’s yourself however it can be hard to easily identify, even though you see your face everyday. It’s so quick and easy for a Stylist to identify this from the outside and with advanced colour training.

If you’re stuck between 2 seasons or dominant colours, put a few items of clothing near your face and see which lifts or drains you.

OR if you would like ME to take the time and stress away for you, giving you a personal style code on-line or in person then click HERE.

Thanks for reading lovelies, now go shop your colour season with Kettlewell!

It will change your life I promise!

H xXx

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